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Join us, support us & wear a #sillyhatformatt

#linitisplastica #stomachcancerawareness #gutsychallenge

This challenge has been established to raise much needed funds for stomach cancer research, a 'rare cancer' that receives limited grants and resources. And with your help - through donating or getting active & taking part in an event (or even creating your own!) - we aim to highlight a cancer which desperately needs more attention.


All money raised will go to the GI Cancer Institute designated specifically to stomach cancer research.


We also want to have a bit of fun - remembering a man who loved life, who loved bringing people together and who loved wearing silly hats.

This challenge has been established in memory of a fun-loving, easy-going, inquisitive guy who loved life and who is missed by so many people.


Matt was diagnosed with a rare type of stomach cancer (known as linitis plastica) in October 2012, he was fit and healthy and there was no family history of the disease. Sadly, he passed away in November 2013 aged just 40 years old, leaving behind a young family.


This is a cancer that has no identified cause, no genetic testing available and where treatment is often deemed too controversial to pursue. The average survival rate is months, not years. Only 8% survive after 5 years.


Research is critical to improve outcomes for those diagnosed in the future!





Supporters Amount Message
Trine Simpson $249.55
Offline Donation $386.50 Thanks to the EF Perth Team for your ‘Silly Hat for Matt’ support!
Phil McAuliffe $54.50 Congratulations Ange on toughing out your half-marathon on the weekend! You're awesome! Sophia, Phil, Tom and Leo.
Trine Simpson $190.75 Danish School Down Under collection
Melissa Green $54.50 With love from Chloe Green, Prep J
Bernadette Hackett $54.50 Terrific way to raise funds for a great cause in memory of Matt xx
Carren Stapleton $25.00 Inspirational Trine! I'm sure all your efforts will help someone to not go through what you, Matt and your boys have endured xx
Stephen Bitter $27.25 Thanks for your donation Ange
Trond Abelseth $163.50 A little support for a gutsy challenge. Trond, Nicola, Roman and Vilde x
Fiona Hooke $54.50 Love to you and the boys Trine


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The GI Cancer Institute is not-for-profit organisation dedicated to improving the health and quality of life of patients with Gastro-Intestinal (GI) cancer by developing and conducting clinical trials.


Their clinical trials enable Australians to access new treatments faster than if this research was conducted overseas. All money raised through this #sillyhatformatt challenge will support the GI Cancer Institute and be designated to stomach cancer research.